A little about me...

A little about me...

I love learning, and I'm a teacher at heart. When I'm not helping Kalkomey develop their next-generation online courses, I devote much of my time to the pursuit of knowledge—reading, writing, traveling, and chasing the elusive goal of trilingual fluency.

In previous generations of myself1, I've earned a degree in mathematics, taught college English, worked on nuclear submarines, was employee number three at a (then) fledgling startup, and authored two popular and critically-acclaimed Red Sox fan blogs.

I make my home in Plano, Texas, with my wife and fellow adventurer, Erika, and our French Bulldog, Diego.

Currently, I'm at work on a novel and other odds and ends you may find scattered around.


1 That's a Doctor Who reference. I'm a big fan especially of the older series with Jon Pertwee (3), Tom Baker (4), and Peter Davison (5). While on the subject of classic TV sci-fi, I don't go more than a month or two without needing a nostalgic fix in the form of watching an episode or two *Star Trek the Original Series*.

2 I honestly don't attend too many live games anymore. Typically just one or two a year (and some years none at all). The tickets are easy enough to sell on the NFL's ticket exchange, though. The older I get, the more my interest in sports has diminished exponentially toward zero, and it really is a function of time. I never feel that I have enough of it. As a result I tend to focus entirely upon either activites that help me improve myself or activities that recharge me to devote more energy toward the self-improvment activities. Watching sports falls into neither set.