on the sun baked street
the open tortilleria
offers so much shade

The photo is from a 2015 visit to San Miguel Allende where we rented a house for a short stay to visit family in nearby Dolores Hidalgo. The house was on a street that ran perpendicular—and up a considerable hill—to the street with the tortilleria. Directly across from the tortilleria was a little takeaway that sold rotisserie chickens and sides, so you could put together a great meal with just a short walk up the hill and back down. One of my favorite things about Mexico (and so many places outside the USA) is the ability to walk and find pretty much anything you need.

Meanwhile, San Miguel is a great "starter" town for anyone who wants a taste of central Mexico and colonial charm without going too far off the beaten path. There are a lot of gringos in San Miguel, and it's small and safe. Although, it's not super easy to get to. You have to fly into Leon and it's about an hour drive from the airport.