Didn't hear it myself

I confess that I'm enough of a pop culture sycophant that when I heard the news that Prince had died I let out the obligatory "OMG Prince is dead!"

As the also obligatory media homage in the form of non-stop playing of the dead pop star's music began, however, I listened and remembered that I never much liked Prince's music.

Sure there are some real pop music gems found in his hits, and I can sing along (and enjoy doing so) to several, but I never have purchased anything from his oeuvre—neither on vinyl nor cassette nor CD nor MP3 nor does he appear in any of my Spotify playlists.

Others with far more knowledge of these things have consistently anointed Prince as a musical genius and an icon, so who am I to doubt it. Though I just didn't hear that myself in his music.

Still I'm sorry to hear he has passed, especially at the relatively young age of 57.