Emptying out the desk drawer of the mind...

I'm not sure of Bob Ryan of the Globe was the originator of the "emptying out the desk drawer of the mind column" but he is where I first encountered it back in the 80s and it has stuck with me ever since.

Today will be just such an emptying out of the desk drawer of the mind (EOOTDDOTM?)


I'm not able (yet) to maintain the one-a-day pace, but I'm nevertheless happy with my productivity so far.


I was fired (laid-off, reorganized, terminated, call it what you will) on August 1st (yes, one week after returning from Indochina), and, in a bizarre twist of fate, I was un-fired two weeks to the day later. Talk about a deus ex machina, no? My attorney said that in her 25 years of employment law practice, she's never seen anyone un-fired. I'm certainly under no illusions here and feel very much that I'm but a bit player in a stage tragedy who has managed, via the deus ex machina, to survive into the play's next act, and I'm grateful to have bought some time to try to get my collective shit together with an exit stage left plan before the inevitable story arc catches back up to me.

New Idea

I have a new idea for something that if I pull it off could be the ultimate blending of my love of putting words on a screen with my enjoyment of pedestrian level programming and that also could be a way of paying the bills as a full time gig (e.g., my stage left exit from my current, tenuous hold on a source of income). I will say no more for fear of jinx.

Stranger Things

The Netflix series. Have you seen it? I'm late to it and only 2 episodes in but so far it has been revelatory to me on personal level. I'm going to bring this back later for entire post on the subject. Or maybe several posts. The reawakening of my love of analog synthesizer music alone is something I could talk about for hours.

As you can probably imagine, all of the above are intrinsically tied together. (At least they are in the movie that's playing in my mind.)