goblet toast

I had a break down in my system and failed to post anything here both Friday and Monday, but that was then and this is now… and in the now, today, I had a serendipitous efficiency1 in applying one system (do Weapons of Mass Construction workout 3Xs a week) and during the application of that system coming up with a haiku to provide the foundation for posting something here today and completing my second system. A twofer so to speak.

goblet squat then raising
a toast celebrating I
homo erectus

Alas, it's a bit off this haiku, since I am, or rather we are, homo sapiens having evolved from that extinct species of hominid, homo erectus. But substituting the technically correct homo sapiens in the haiku doesn't really get what I was after, and what I was after is twofold:

  1. The idea of coming up out of the squat to stand erect
  2. My belief that exercises like the goblet squat can help ward off "the old man walk," you know the stooped over shuffling you see so often.

So homo erectus it is.

And the whole thing is worth celebrating, worth toasting. I typically finish the WMC workout with the goblet squat and that final one is a celebratory toast to the workout being finished, to the success of applying my system, to getting stronger, to warding off the "old man shuffle," and, why not, to being homo sapiens evolved from homo erectus et al.


Notes 1 If you think that is efficient, stick around, you ain't seen nothing yet.