Sisters of the Valley

Picking up and continuing a bit with yesterday's theme, have you heard of the "weed nuns"?

I wish them the best of luck with their business, but considering how the article points out that the pair "consider themselves nuns but not in the traditional or Catholic sense," I'm perplexed by the nun part. Can you be a nun outside of the traditional or Catholic sense? A nun of what exactly? Weed? I'm a stickler on things like this, that is believing that words have a specific, generally narrowly-defined meaning, and that when we get loose on the meanings, it's rare that any good comes of it. (Note to self: write future something riffing off a so-called "Caesar salad" that doesn't have anchovies.)

Meanwhile, that younger one of the two has a cute face (less so, of course, in the shot of her having an Ecstasy of Saint Teresa moment while exhaling a cloud of pot smoke that would make Bob Marley proud, but you know how photos can be), and if she shit-canned the long, granny denim skirt and put on a little lipstickā€¦

This reminds me that in second grade the nun who taught Catechism was young and rather hot, and I had a ridiculous crush on her. My parents must have been befuddled by my sudden eagerness for regular doses of Catholic instruction. I cannot remember her name, but I do remember the day that she got really pissed with me when something in what she was teaching ran contrary to my own 2nd grade research on the science of dinosaurs, and I asked what I thought would be a praise worthy question along the lines of "how can both of these things be true?" Yeah, it went over like a fart at the Last Supper table. (Perhaps her name was Sister Jurassic Carla?1) In all fairness, I will point out that she did not strike me across the knuckles with a ruler. But from then on things were never the same, and that was worse.

Now, of course, I have that line from The Clash's "Death or Glory" running through my head:

"But I believe in this and it's been tested by research He, who fucks nuns, will later join the church."

One thing I've always wondered about nuns, is where do they put their habits when they go to sleep at night? Do they hang up them up? Or do they just sort of casually flip them aside?

slung over her bed
a habit of gray cotton
the spring breeze2

1 Red Sox fans will have caught the reference here to Jurassic Carl and his infamous "no dinosaurs" quote.
2 My haiku is a remix of this one by the famous Japanese poet Buson:
slung over a screen
a dress of silk and gauze
the autumn wind