Veda + anta

I had planned on dropping out a couple clerihews in honor of Milo Yiannopoulos today, but then I realized I wanted to mess around with that theme a bit more before publishing.

Meanwhile, in the middle of a set of goblin squats at the gym this morning a thought popped into my head— The clerihew is meant to whimsical and about somebody famous, but what if one were to keep it sort of whimsical and apply it to a more profound topic? I know, crazy talk, right? Hahaha...

In the spirit of why-the-fuck-not here's one playing around with one of the root concepts of Vedanta, something I find myself more and more drawn to since being introduced to it by a swami in Rishikesh last summer.1

A universal program
Software code of the soul
Atman your inevitable goal

Notes 1 That could be the most pretentious sentence I've ever written. Certainly it reeks of a certain "Eat, Pray, Love meets the Beatles" veneer of bullshitedness. And yet, despite all that, it is indeed true. I had never formally heard of Vedanta before, but when it was introduced to me I was like "Holy shit! That is pretty much what I've always believed."